AKIRA Overwater resort in BIGI PAN is Suriname’s newest resort. This unique resort is completely built on water and consists of 16 detached lodges, an atmospheric restaurant and a lobby.The lodges and the main building are connected with each other through wooden walkways. Viewed from the air the resort has the shape of a “tilapia”, a common fish species in BIGI PAN.


BIGI PAN is a vast nature reserve with a land area of 68,000 ha and an equivalent area of sea water. It is an integrating area of swamps, mangrove forests and lagoons. BIGI PAN is a real paradise for bird lovers, but the reserve is also rich in fish and reptiles. At least 72 bird species permanently remain in this unique nature reserve, such as the Scarlet Ibis. Besides that, about 50 migration birds from North America yearly visit BIGI PAN, amongst which we spot the osprey, waders and different species of terns.


The spacious lodges (50 m2) have a large balcony where you have a marvellous view of the lake and where you can enjoy a spectacular sunrise and sunset. Each lodge is furnished to accommodate 3 guests and has a private bathroom with shower and toilet.


In the early morning and late afternoon you can see thousands of birds leaving their nests and returning back at night. A beautiful spectacle. If you really want to experience the beauty of BIGI PAN, then an overnight stay at AKIRA is a must. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset alone are an amazing experience.


AKIRA has a spacious restaurant in which fresh meals are prepared daily. Your dietary restrictions are taken into account in the preparation of the meals (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.).

Electricity is available 24 hours a day and is generated by solar panels. Power supply is 110 Volt.


The following excursions and activities are included in a multi-day stay at AKIRA. Certain tours, however, will only be available depending on the level of the water in the lake:

  • Boat trip through the fascinating landscape of BIGI PAN
  • Spotting crocodiles and reptiles
  • Birdwatching
  • City tour Nieuw Nickerie with a visit to the market and the sea wall
  • One can also participate in kayaking, mud baths, fishing and catching crabs

Wagenwegstraat 24 Paramaribo – Suriname, Zuid Amerika


(597) 410 700